Building websites with WebsiteGenie.Net is simple - If you can browse, you can build.

There are no HTML codes to remember. No need to learn any graphic design. Users don’t even need to know the principles of website design.

The entire site building process is managed by a set of easy to use Wizards, that help build different parts of your website. Some examples of wizards are Homepage Wizard, Form Wizard, Flash Wizard, etc.

The user just needs to choose a particular wizard based on his specific requirements. The specific wizard then handholds the user through the rest of the modular building process by asking the user to perform simple, non-complicated tasks, step by step, one at a time.

The list of Features and Benefits that WebsiteGenie.Net offers for the End Users are given below.

Create content with images using an MS-Word like tool
WYSIWYG HTML Editor helps you create rich HTML content with absolutely no prior knowledge or experience in HTML.

Photo Album
Create your own online Photo Album great for posting family photos, office parties, vacation pictures, new born and wedding pictures very easy to share pictures with family and friends.

Create attractive homepages
With Home Page Wizard you can now choose from a wide range of attractive readymade design templates for your home page. Once chosen, you can go ahead and completely customize the content

Create a customized Flash intro animation
Flash Wizard allows you to select from a wide range of flash intro movies for your website. You can also customize the color, image, sound, text and the overall message of the Flash animation, etc.

Over 1,000 Professionally Designed Templates

The 1000+ design templates are classified into convenient Categories for ease of choice and access. Some of the Categories include: Automobile Related, Health & Lifestyle, Education etc. The exhaustive range helps you create highly customized websites spread across verticals specifically created for these target categories.

Set up your complete online shop
Shop Wizard helps you display and sell a range of products online. With Shop Wizard, you can quickly list your products and pricing on the shop pages of your website with images. You can also seamlessly integrate the page with any online credit card payment processing solution in just 3 simple steps.

New Shopping Cart for 2004
Mcart and Mcart Pro as an added feature you can upgrade to. Mcart has many improved features that can be customized to blend with your website.

Create customized forms
Form Wizard helps you create customized forms for your website. With Form Wizard, you can now create any form containing any input field, for feedback, registration, sign up, etc. You can also include form elements like text box/area, pull down menus, radio buttons, etc.

Create & manage a complete web blog
BlogZone is a next generation Blog module with extremely easy to use interface that allows you to foster an active community of bloggers online. There is no need any third party tools or plug-ins for BlogZone.

Incorporate Banners on your website
With powerful banner incorporation tools, you can now embed banners on your website. This provides a powerful marketing and communication tool to users.

Customize the Footer on your website
The Footer feature enables you to provide highly specific content such as service information, branding, contact or copyright information, etc.

Incorporate any custom image or Logo on your website
All design templates have default images embedded within them. You may choose to replace these images with any image of your choice. This could even be your Logo image. This allows you to extend your branding/identity on to the newly designed website.

Optimize your website for Search Engines
This feature enables your to quickly add meta-tag information like keywords, title, description, etc. to your website. The meta-tag information would help search engines to index your website better.

Upgrade to more feature-rich packs at anytime
You can signup for any package initially and later upgrade to other more feature-rich packs at any time.

Perform photo retouching & editing operations
The Online Image Editor allows you to perform operations such as Flip, Flop, Crop, Rotate, apply Frames & Borders, change Brightness & Contrast, Resize, Annotate (text on image) and Change Image Format, etc. All this is fully browser based. You don’t need to install a thing.

Modify, rearrange your web pages at any time
You can add, rearrange, rename, or even delete pages and their corresponding links on your website. This gives you complete control over the site links and the order of page appearance.

Additional email accounts
For a small nominal fee you can have unlimited email accounts to include Webmail capabilities

One-step Change Design feature
You can change the design template on your homepage, inside pages and Flash intro, etc., in just one step by selecting any one of the available templates. What’s more, the entire content on these pages remain untouched and exactly the same as on the earlier design.

Attractive goodies to jazz up your pages

You can add powerful and attractive features to your web page such as Date & Time stamp, Animated Cursors, Background Sounds, Google Search, Maps & Directions, etc. by simply clicking on the 'Goodies' icon in the rich text editor.

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