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WebsiteGenie is another successful product brought to you by R2Group. R2Group's main office is located in the beautiful green lands and forested state of Washington. Home of such powerhouse companies as Microsoft and one of Intel's latest research & development centers. Both companies have dramatically shaped the Internet and its future. "R2" Internet Marketing & Consultant Group specializes in custom designed web pages, personal online construction services, e-commerce solutions, banner creations and broad marketing concepts.

We are here to help you enhance your current business
and establish your Internet Presence Today!

R2 Internet Marketing & Consultant Group was established in 1997… Designing personal home pages on the Internet during the later part of its infancy. In 1998 entered into a joint venture with "Success Magazine" at Success and with their support, we incorporated an Innovative program called Quick site web builder. Consequently Success Marketplace was acquired and is now known as Commerce Marketplace and the concepts of the quick site builder has evolved considerably. As an Internet Consulting Firm we have custom built and or advised hundreds of clients on web site designs using a similar program called versions 1 thru 4 and other Design Concepts.

Over the years we have increased our staff of designers and Internet Advisors with the talents of Jordan Haines of He has been noted for his talents in the Silicon Valley news. In addition Author and Advisor Michael Chesbro, who specializes in information security and has done extensive research on Personal Information & Internet Securities to assist individuals in maintaining their privacy. He has also worked closely with the Department of Defense and gained a wealth of knowledge and experience...

We have supported everything from personal home pages
to multi million dollar corporations!

As the Internet has grown, so have we! Now we offer some of the most advanced technologies available today with WebsiteGenie our Etools suite and now Wireless Application Protocol Technology. Which allows cellular phone users to interact with your web site 365 days a year. R2Group is a proud member of the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce since 1998 and devoted to providing the best services and capabilities available on the Internet today!

"Advanced Technology Today!"

At "R2"Group our customers needs are ALWAYS priority. We take the time to ensure your web site meets your business needs. We've learned what you want and can help develop a solution to suit your business & informational needs.

The Internet is now at your fingertips &
we are ready to help you establish your Net Presence Today.
Order your new web site through WebsiteGenie!

Too often we see owners of businesses try to distance themselves from their customers. We like working with people and we have made a personal effort to make ourselves available to clients as well as prospective customers. Our mission is simple! We support you and your business needs, and enhance your company image. If it's important enough for a customer to call or email us, it's important enough for us to respond in a timely manner! We are proud to serve your needs on the Internet…

Please contact us by phone, email or try our support HelpDesk and learn more about how we can help you succeed in developing a
"Successful Internet Presence".


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